Become a Client

1) Ensure we are the right fit for you by reviewing Our Philosophy.

If you have already reviewed our philosophy, see step 2 below.

2) Discovery Phone Call/Meeting 

This step allows us to get to know each other better. We will discuss your goals and pain points, as well as go through our approach to working with clients.

  • Interested in a discovery meeting with us? Please complete the introductory questionnaire at the bottom of this page to get started.

3) Engagement & Fact Finding

This step includes financial fact finding and discussing your goals and desired outcomes. Planning, investment and/or insurance recommendations will be made at this point.

This step varies depending on complexity, it can be as simple as a needs analysis report over a virtual meeting or full comprehensive planning over several in-person meetings, it really depends on each situation.

  • Our client engagement letter, privacy policy and electronic consent documents will be signed at the outset of this step.

4) Implementation

Implement plan/strategies based on recommendations laid out during the engagement process. Items include:

  • Financial account opening/transfer (if applicable)
  • Insurance application/agent transfer (if applicable)
  • Delivery Report (1-10 binder)

5) Service + On-going Management

  • Goal check-in
  • On-going client service
  • Review + adjust plan per our Service and Management Guidelines

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