Our Philosophy

 “We are not impressed by how much you make or how much you have, it is what you do with it that matters.”

- Gary Kwasnecha, Founder, Financial Services Group


While FSG does not have account minimums (many other advisors do), that doesn’t mean we have the capacity to work with everyone. We focus our practice on people who are willing to commit to their goals and to our client philosophy, after all, it has been successful for over 45 years!

What does “Our Philosophy” include?

Our office will:

  • Act in our clients’ best interests. 
  • Offer local, personalized client service.
  • Rely on several factors to provide recommendations and advice, namely:
    • Your goals and your financial plan
    • Our training, experience and expertise
    • Our in-house financial planning model 
  • Offer comprehensive products, services and advice at competitive fees.
  • Facilitate a positive, productive work environment for our advisors and support team by working a 4-day compressed work week (Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm). This results in high retention of our team members and long-term relationships between our personnel and our clients. It is a win-win for everybody.

Our office will not:

  • Manage or offer individual stocks, commodities, crypto or other (often short-term) speculative assets. If you are looking to get rich quick or trade the hot stock of the day, we are not the best fit for you.

What do we ask from you?

At FSG we choose to work with clients, who:

  • Are nice, happy people with an overall positive attitude.
  • Are focused on long-term, comprehensive financial planning and consider us as their financial partner and trusted advisor.
  • See value in delegating their financial planning/investment management needs to a professional so they can prioritize their time, energy, and expertise on what’s most important to them (growing their business, spending time with family, etc.).
  • Understand the value inherent in working with a professional and acknowledge there are fees associated with our services and advice.
  • Provide disclosure of their financial information (assets, liabilities, income, budget, etc.).
  • Are willing to be diligent savers and are committed to making their plan work.
  • Understand that our advisors and support team are most effective at our craft when we live a balanced lifestyle and acknowledge that we work a 4-day workweek (Monday – Thursday), with client meetings held during office hours only.

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