Community Trust Fund

To celebrate our 40th year in business, our team decided to honour Gary's legacy of giving back to our community by sharing our good fortune with others.  The Financial Services Group Community Trust Fund is a permanent endowment fund will allow Financial Services Group to designate funds to a charity or charities of our choice on an annual basis.  The funds will continue to be donated to charities for perpetuity, long after FSG is gone.  We will vigorously evaluate charities that not only align with our principles, but also meet a minimum standard of responsible use of charitable dollars.

Our FSG team members are personally contributing to this fund with a matching contribution from our company.  Each year, we plan to share our fund value, payouts and charity or charities of choice with all our FSG clients, to allow our clients to share in our experience.  After all, we would not be 40 years in business without the tremendous support of all of our clients.

Our entire FSG team is extremely excited about this newly formed Community Trust Fund.  We invite our clients to discuss the fund with us at anytime and if you would like any information, please visit our website or Facebook page, or call our office.

Gary, Myrna, Scott and all the staff at Financial Services Group


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