Ron and Debbie LaBerge- Rimbey, AB

On Labour Day of 2012 I retired in my 63rd year. Prior to retirement I had concerns, questions and a need for direction with the following points:

  • Have we accumulated enough wealth?
  • What should our portfolio balance look like?
  • How does the portfolio maintain the best return on investment?
  • Where is the balance between energy, health and wealth?
  • What are the regulations / functions of a LIF, RIF, annuity, etc?
  • How does the retirement projected income flow work?
  • What is the proper balance of RRSP V/S non registered savings?
  • What is the proper balance of spousal RRSPs?
  • What choice of money placement pool should be spent first?
  • What money management is best for tax purposes?
  • Will the survivor income be sufficient?
  • How are the funds time coordinated for large expenditure as per gifting, new vehicle etc?

I contacted my company human resources department and my group pension provider and received poor responses to my questions, concerns and need for direction. My company human resources department served me well as a working employee but did not have a package in place to address my retirement concerns. My thought now is this oil company is in the business of profit and employee retention through a benefit plan but for retirement it is important to seek outside professional help. The group pension provider showed interest in retaining the pension fund as per an investment portfolio but offered less / no value as a retirement fund and to address my questions, concerns and need for direction. In all those years of contributions I never once received a phone call when investments matured; nor was I offered suggestions on better placement of funds. The only phone call I received was from a trouble shooter asking questions as to why we are transferring funds to FSG. The answers to his questions were very easy. FSG offered a personal, professional service with better rates of return. I expressed my disappointment regarding the fact that a large group pension fund offering much lower interest returns than a private fund. Why can FSG offer better service and rates than this big pension provider with a very large employee based group pension account?

What has Financial Services Group Done for Us?

  • Helped plan our retirement future offering comfort as per our life style needs.
  • Suggested a conservative low risk investment vehicle to buckle up for the market crash for which we are very thankful to FSG.
  • Called us, upon renewal of investments, suggesting the best placement and terms for better returns.
  • Used their years of history to support our thoughts of balance between energy, health and wealth.
  • Offered a professional understanding of the regulations and functions of the LIF, RIF annuities offering us direction to make a comfortable choice.
  • Presented us with a conservative detailed indexed retirement income flow projection with time- coordinated large expense allotment.
  • Offered us a balanced plan as per RRSP versus non-registered savings and spousal RRSP's.
  • Suggested the best order in which to spend the money placement pool and management for best tax solutions.
  • Proved to me the importance of choosing a retirement day. Setting a target resolved the frustration of procrastination.
  • Demonstrated the value of a small business offering a personal, trusting and caring service.

Financial Services Group you are very good at what you do. Thank you for all your help making my retirement transition comfortable.

Paul Ebbs- Leduc, AB

Thank you for looking after my mom. She feels safe a comfortable dealing with you and that is very important. The attention and great service is not taken for granted and I DO APPRECIATE the extra work. Take care and thank you.

Lorraine Anderson

To Gary and Staff: I want to thank you for the help you have given us in our financial planning. You and your staff have always shown financial wisdom and integrity. We really like the way you present the plans for accomplishing our financial goals. Always enjoy the personal visits to our home as well. Keep up the good work!

Myrna Olearczyk- London, ON

My husband was in the insurance/financial business and we have been fortunate to call Gary and Myrna Kwasnecha our friends for almost 30 years. When Jerry was dying and we finally had to have that dreaded conversation of "what happens after..." there was no hesitation when Jerry said, of the hundreds of work colleagues he knew, he wanted Gary and Financial Services Group to handle his estate.

I was amazed at the amount of "business" that needs to be done after the death of a spouse and our situation was more complex than most. We were living in Kelowna and had just lost our home and everything we owned in the forest fires of 2003, when Jerry was diagnosed with advanced cancer. He was gone in just 10 weeks, leaving me with the sale of his insurance business, the fire insurance claim to settle and the sale of that property. Through all these "extras" above and beyond the estate and investments, Gary was always just a phone call away for advice.

When we sat down to look at managing the investments, Gary wanted first to know how much risk I thought I could comfortably live with. By staggering the maturity dates and careful selection of products, he has managed, even in the volatile market this past year, to protect much of my initial investment. Another technique Gary has used that has taken a huge amount of stress from me, is payments from my investments to coincide with major household expenses, such as property and income taxes and car and home insurance premiums. He even put away what I needed for the new car I am just now enjoying and a "travel allowance" since that was a luxury Jerry loved. Finally, when I decided to make a change in my life and return to school for 3 years, Gary even found the flexibility in my plan to allow me to do that.

It has been said, "A friend is a gift you give yourself," which has been more than true of the Kwasnecha family, and Peace of Mind is the gift Financial Services Group has given me.


Deny and Earl Kindley- Viking, AB

For over 25 years Gary has been our financial advisor and friend. He and the staff of Financial Services Group have given us excellent service and advice. This guidance in financial, estate planning, income tax, and life insurance matters has enabled us to enjoy a worry-free retirement and a lifestyle that would not have been possible without this help and encouragement. We particularly appreciate his investment philosophy that respects our wishes and future plans.

Going far beyond the call of duty, Gary has maintained a close relationship with us, even remembering anniversaries and birthdays. We are so thankful that a friend recommended Gary and the Financial (Friendly) Services Group to us.