Gary Kwasnecha

Gary brings a lifetime of experience to the financial services industry. In 1974, Gary graduated from SAIT with an Honours Applied Arts Diploma in Hotel Restaurant Management. In 1977, his passion to help people brought him to the life insurance industry.


What Gary Does for You: 

Gary's role is to guide people as they develop and implement their personal financial and business plans. Gary's review can include wills, enduring powers of attorney and directive letters. Other important financial documents such as shareholder agreements are also incorporated into the plan.

Gary often explains the importance of a financial plan by using the "Measuring Tape Test". Roll out a measuring tape on the floor to the number 94, representing 94 years. Now put your big toe on the number representing your current age. Look back over the years you have lived and then ahead to what the future holds. The average life expectancy for males is 76 years and for females is 86 years.

Gary has two questions for you: 

1) As you look to the future, what are the chances your health will improve?

2) As you look to the future, what are the chances your energy level will increase?

Gary reminds clients that our best years are likely the current ones rather than the future ones. At 65 years of age, a couple may have 10 to 15 years together while the female may live alone for 15 years or more. No matter where you sit on the measuring tape of life, a good financial plan is crucial.

"By using your wealth early and helping, but not spoiling children, they get a good start in life. Planning and conserving the wealth you have acquired is vital and my goal is to limit the amount of interest and fees our clients pay the banks and government."